Asian-American Artist Roma Sheth Returns with Her Latest Single “So I Run”


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Asian-American artist Roma Sheth, based in Washington D.C., releases her newest single “So I run” across all major streaming platforms. Having self-produced the original track, Roma worked with The Online Recording Studio to finalize the song which falls into the genres of alternative pop and electronic pop.

“This song is my favorite thing I’ve ever created.” – Roma Sheth

“So I run”, composed of a variety of beats and synthesizers, dances around the genres of alternative and electronic pop. It portrays the inevitable feeling of vulnerability that comes with releasing music. The lines “I put myself on display now I need to hide” and “all these eyes on me, scared of transparency” illustrate this feeling of having friends, family, and fans watching you and listening to your lyrics; it feels like they can see right through you. Some of the lines are unique to Roma and her experiences, but many are relatable to other artists.

Roma is an indie alternative singer, songwriter, and music producer, balancing her music career as a full-time college student. When the pandemic hit, she poured herself into writing and saved up money to build a small bedroom studio. Noticing that most music producers were predominantly male, she felt determined to teach herself how to produce music and claims it is the best decision she has ever made. After gaining traction on Instagram from posting clips of her various projects, other female artists have told Roma that she inspired them to learn to produce music too.

Roma’s main driving force for music is her Indian heritage, as she feels there is a significant lack of representation of South Asians in the music industry. Roma hopes that achieving success with her music will inspire other South Asian-Americans like her to pursue music, or whatever passion it is that drives them. Roma is currently creating several new tracks, with her debut EP coming in the near future.

September 14, 2021 1:54pm ET by The Online Recording Studio  

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