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26TH NOVEMBER 2021 (SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA) – singer/songwriter KAMAE INIGUEZ has today released her first duet and lyrical co-write with artist TUSI - “TRAJECTORIES COLLIDE”.

“Trajectories Collide” is the third single released as part of the “Meet You In My Dreams” collection with all 14 tracks self-written by Kamae, including this newly released track that was co-written with the independent artist, Tusi.

Much like “Trajectories Collide”, you can expect all tracks within the “Meet You In My Dreams” compilation to be pop-driven with a sprinkling of creative visual elements in the songwriting and composition. Kamae’s pop songwriting is the amalgamation of her eclectic and broad music taste, with her style being described as “Pop with an experimental flair” . The narrative of her tracks is influenced by folk artists like “Passenger”, whereas her production and imagery present more towards synth-pop/electronic music artists such as “Owl City”.

For this latest track, Kamae partnered with independent singer/songwriter/rapper Tusi. The duo met on the karaoke app “Smule” where Kamae, during their duet, recognised Tusi had some real depth and originality to his voice. One day, Tusi sent Kamae a message with a simple “Do you want to write a song?” and the process began. The creation of the track wasn’t within a traditional studio – Kamae being located in Sydney, whilst Tusi was in Melbourne. Staying true to the origins of how they connected, they co-wrote“Trajectories Collide” online.

Kamae originally had a simple chord progression saved in her computer that she sent over to Tusi to see if he could build on it. With the addition of Tusi’s lyrics and melody, the basis of the verse was created. Tusi’s lyrical demo had the title “Galaxy”, and followed a narrator who was lying in bed looking at the stars. With this initial idea, Kamae drew inspiration from folklore and duets from “The Greatest Showman” and “High School Musical” to take the narrative to the next level. Most notably, taking influence from a Japanese festival celebrating the meeting of two star-crossed lovers separated by the Milky Way once every year. Kamae also wrote certain lines of the chorus specifically to suit Tusi’s falsetto voice, giving more gravity and wholeness to the track.

“Trajectories Collide” is a fusion of electropop and a rousing duet that treads the line between experimental and classic pop. Kamae knew that she wanted the track to feel grand and atmospheric going into its production. The intro leans into this as it was designed to build anticipation, much like the pre-bridge, where one of Kamae’s production notes was that “The pre-bridge should sound like it should have the sensation of going uphill to the peak of a roller coaster before it drops.”.

When producing the "Meet You In My Dreams" collection, of which “Trajectories Collide” features, Kamae and her main producer Joe Garratt summarised the ethos of the songs on the album as “Space is lonely and grand at the same time”. You can expect a whole host of astronomical terms, allusions to adventure, alongside romantic encounters reflected in the tracks. These scenarios were built from Kamae’s vivid story-telling mind, which drove such magical lyrics and tales. The 14 track collection is futuristic, yet nostalgic, with many listeners drawing parallels to the experimental ’80s.

I was "crazy" enough to release all 14 tracks together because it came down to the thought of "I don't want to die and have my songs stored in a hard drive, never fully realized or reaching their potential, only for people to discover them when I'm gone." - Kamae.

Alongside writing and assisting with the production of 14 tracks, Kamae has also proven her kudos in creative songwriting by coming highly commended in two worldwide songwriting competitions. In 2020, she came in the top 9% of more than 26,000 in the International Songwriting Competition with her debut track "Great Unknown". Then, in 2021, she broke into the top 12% of almost 10,000 entries in the Unsigned Only Competition with her second single "Endless Moonless Night".

Full of colour, excitement and a zest for life - it’s not only Kamae’s music that helps her stand out. Her personality is infectious, with most people picking up on her happy and energetic vibe. Alongside being a confessed quirky character, when she’s not writing or producing new tracks, she gravitates towards how little elements contribute towards a bigger picture in her own life. Whether it’s creative expression through drawing, experimenting on recipes or redecorating her studio apartment, she’s always adding sparkle. Now, with “Trajectories Collide” released, it’s an exciting time for the Australian-based artist to bring some of her magic to the music scene, with 11 more of her collection yet to be revealed.

November 29, 2021 3:48am ET by The Online Recording Studio  

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