Interview with Pink Angels: "We don't think that there is a girl band with our kind of music."


We speak with exciting new girl group Pink Angels about their new single 'Slay Mama', their US reality television show 'Pinks Across America', and the advice Little Mix's Jade Thirlwall gave them on the road.

You’ve already had a lot of success in your home country Czech Republic. What’s made you decide that now is the time to bring your music to the UK?

Our country is very small and we always had a dream to travel and sing for more and more people. So our management said that England is a great place to perform and they were super right!

What can you bring to the UK charts that we don’t already have?

We always love drops from DJs! So that's what you can find in our music, and we don't think that there is a girl band with our kind of music.

Your new single ‘Slay Mama’ has been described as a female empowerment anthem. Was it important to paint a message of empowerment for your fans?

The message is that if you want something you have to work for it, really hard, but if you do there is nothing you cannot have.

Apart from ‘Slay Mama’, what’s your favourite of your tracks?

We honestly love the whole album, but top three are 'Slay Mama', 'Mama Don't Lie' and 'Love You Better'!  

You’ve previously supported Little Mix on tour. Are they a band that you draw inspiration from?

We love them and think they are amazing but we don't think we take an inspiration from them. We are younger and our music is also different.

Did they give you any advice whilst you were on the road with them?

Jade told us to get socialising with other artists.

If you could pick any girlband member – past or present – to join Pink Angels, who would you choose and why?

Sorry but we have been together for so many years so no one will get our inside jokes!

If you could cover any girlband song, which would you choose?

Wannabe- Spice Girls!

You’ll soon be travelling around America in your own bright pink limo for the upcoming TV series ‘Pinks Across America’, what can we expect from the reality series?

People will see the behind the scenes of our band. So they will get to know us more and we're super excited about that!

Apart from your music, if you could bring one thing from the Czech Republic to the UK, what would it be?

Nikki's dog!


Pink Angels' new single 'Slay Mama' is availble to buy now on iTunes.

August 25, 2016 6:34am ET by Edge Publicity  

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