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Patrick Wolf blasts Proposition 8

PATRICK WOLF blasted Californian law Proposition 8 during his show at the Highline Ballroom in New York on Tuesday night (June 23).

The singer, who is currently headlining the Nylon Summer Tour across the US, compared the recent events in America to the UK’s old Section 28, which prevented any reference to homosexuality being discussed in schools’ sex education lessons.

“Who here wants to get married someday?” he asked “Who here wants to get married to someone of the same sex? Now what about everyone out there in heterosexual relationships…how would you feel if you got married and then six months later you were told your marriage was illegal?”

His passionate speech prompted overwhelming cheers in the crowd, and he then launched into the song ‘Battle’.

Wolf wore a series of elaborate outfits over the course of the evening including a black and white Union Jack jumpsuit and a ‘vulture’ jacket with high, wing-like shoulder pads and rubber ‘feathers’.

Also performing last night were Jaguar Love, and Parisian all-girl band Plastiscines who briefly halted their performance to single out a solitary man in the audience who refused to clap along during their cover of Nancy Sinatra's  ‘These Boots Were Made For Walking’.

The tour continued last night in Washington DC.

Watch a clip from the New York show below: