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Patrick Wolf to shed flamboyant image and sound

Singer/songwriter Patrick Wolf has revealed he will shed the flamboyant persona for his forthcoming fifth studio album, 'The Conqueror'. 

His trademark theatrical style has become almost ordinary now with other stars of music using fashion to further enhance their brand or support their sound. In an interview with NME, Wolf said:

"It's become the convention now: a persona, an ego, theatre, big shoulder pads and attitude, I'm not really interested if that's become the mainstream."


Musically, Wolf wanted to deviate from what his fans would be expecting and explained:

"I wanted to get away from the industrial element of the last album."

"I wanted to get away from any noises or frequencies that were provocative in terms of noise. It was important to me to make a very clean album."

Check out the lyric video for Wolf's 'Time of my Life' single here: