Comedian Jessica Winther Is Bringing A-List Laughter To Vitello’s With Her New Comedy Shows

Winther’s First First Show A Smash With Willie Macc, Matt Rife, Christine Peake, Mike Muratore, Teri S. And Steve Wilson

Feinstein’s Room Brings An Old School Speak Easy Feel For Diners Who Want Laughter

Vitello’s Set To Become The New Go To Comedy Haven In The Valley



Comedian Jessica Winther has partnered with Feinstein’s At Vitello’s to produce comedy shows at the legendary restaurant. Winther kicked of her residency with a great mix of comedians, who performed to a packed out beautiful room and dined on Vitello’s famous pizza, pastas and salads.

Winther hosted her debut show with an eclectic energy as she danced on the stage and asked “What’s happening?” The warmth and decor of the room gave Winther a perfect backdrop to interact closely with the audience as she told them exactly what is happening. It felt like she had always been there. The audience laughed as she performed what some critics said was “one of her best performances.” She was none stop with the hilarious stories. Joking about dating, divorce, being a housewife of the 818, and they loved it!

Teri S. then took the stage and delivered her deadpan style with aplomb as she shared stories on marriage and donkeys- which she prefers to children. Only Teri S. can deliver these theses darkly funny jokes and not offend the parents in the room, she cheekily makes her point with a sly shy grin.

Next up was British comedian Christine Peake who basically is sick of everything to do with cancel culture- and who can blame her? From the Olympics, pronouns, the news, Kris Jenner- (who Peake bears a striking resemblance to,) to Pepe Le Pew, Peake thinks this it’s all “silly bollocks,” and we should all just focus on “being better?”

Mike Muratore- aka the serial killer of comedy, took the stage and took no prisoners as he did it. He got big laughs as he talked about his sexy sexploits and had the audience laughing as they were covering their ears but wanting to hear more. He came to play and he had fun doing it!

Matt Rife took the stage in a more chill manner, sharing a story about dating women who play ouija boards, who would have known that Rife has to go through so much to get laid? But he took the audience on his journey and they went with him!

Next up Willie Macc, the King of cool, he truly is, saunters on stage as though he is strolling in the park, his effortless charm, huge grin and great jokes guarantee the laughs, not many comedians can talk about Black Lives Matter and not offend anyone? His delivery and observational view points, cleverly expose the comedic ridiculousness of how things are- and he shares it with a dry wit and you know he is right!

Last but not least Steve Wilson closed the show with a great set that had no boundaries- literally none. His no holds barred jokes, were quick, very saucy and he had a lot of them. Not many comics get away with his sauciness but this was a great audience, they had come to laugh, and they did!

At the end of the show the comedians took to the stage together (Rife left early - maybe to go finish the ouija board) and there was a camaraderie that was so sincere it was plain to see, Winther is serious about her shows, her comedians and her audience.

Said Winther after the show, “I am really excited to be working with Vitello’s. Such a classy and perfect location for comedy. The Feinstein room is filled with history, warmth and charm, now we are going to fill it with laughter!”

And who can ask for more than that? If you missed this one, don’t worry, Winther is set to return with A-List talent Max Amini and SNL legend Darrell Hammond at Vitello’s on September 9th.

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