Shaka Smith and Hari Tahov Host Beach Clean Up For Project Save Our Surf

Volunteers gathered at Santa Monica Beach Pier 26

Sponsors included The High Journal, 11 Dollar Sunglasses and Jayne LA

Splendor Water, Stoneroad Farms and Maven Genetics also sponsored.



The sky may have been a tad cloudy but spirits were bright as Project Save Our Surf set about cleaning up the Santa Monica Beach this weekend.

Fitness influencer and TV host Shaka Smith and his bestie author/model and influencer Hari Tahov recruited their planet conscientious friends and created a fun sponsored event for all.

Shaka and Hari have been tirelessly promoting and working hard to clean up the beaches. The dynamic duo have been organizing their clean-up events since May 2018, they took a small break due to Covid but have been diligently recruiting friends to keep the regular clean-ups a positive and fun experience for everyone.

The group spent hours diligently cleaning up the beach and then got to enjoy the wonderful sponsored products provided to thank the volunteers. Sponsors included The High Journal, Maven Genetics, Jayne LA, 11 Dollar sunglasses, Garden Of Life, Stoneroad Farms and the group of volunteers stayed hydrated with Splendor Water.

Hari of course took the clean-up event to the next level and dyed his long locks bright red – “I am channeling Ariel the mermaid” — he quipped!

Both Shaka and Hari are enthusiastic fans of the outdoors and lead clean vegetarian lifestyles, they not only care, but they show they care. The world could certainly do with a few more like Shaka and Hari and their friends.

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May 26, 2024 4:20pm ET by peakPRgroup  

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