Music From Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey’s FULLY CHARGED Is Available for the First Time

The music from FULLY CHARGED, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey’s exciting new circus extravaganza, will now be available on CD for the first time – at Perseverance Records exclusive. With 14 tracks by well-known Hollywood composer Craig Safan and a running time of roughly 70 minutes, the CD is available at a price of $14.95. Robin Esterhammer, owner of Perseverance Records, says: "We are proud to offer this music exclusively. FULLY CHARGED is a show that wows me. And so does Craig´s music.”


Craig Safan first joined Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey for the 136th Edition (year) of the circus for which he was asked to create a vast and complex score that complemented the aptitudes of each performer, the nature and duration of the various acts, and the emotions embodied in each segment of the show. Craig’s score soared from the whimsical and witty comedy acts to the grand and opulent elephant processional and finale, reflecting a musical span that is as expansive and creative as the circus itself.


Craig was invited again to compose the 138th Edition for which he put his creative mind to work to compose a new musical score that would accentuate the show — from its wacky silliness to its breathtaking feats. Now on his third tour, Craig has cranked his talents into high gear for the newest 141st Edition, FULLY CHARGED, creating even more intricate and exceptional music to add to the show’s high energy antics and nonstop thrills.


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About Craig Safan

Craig Safan has composed music for more than 25 feature films, mini-series, made-for-TV movies, musical theater productions and hundreds of television shows, including the beloved piano theme for the hit series “Cheers,” for which he won eight “American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers” awards. He also was honored with an Emmy nomination for his work on “Life Goes On.” Craig’s music has also been performed live by such musical greats as Bernadette Peters, Nathan Lane, Faith Prince, Amanda McBroom and Karla Bonoff, as well as by the Cincinnati Pops, the London Symphony Orchestra and many other performers and orchestras around the world. For more information, visit


About the Album

Craig Safan: Circus

PRD 044

1. Dancing on the Highwire 3:41

2. Human Strength Hand-Balancing 5:12

3. Soaring Above on Aerial Straps 4:28

4. Taba and His Tigers 8:02

5. How Many Clowns to Screw in a Lightbulb? 4:12

6. Chinese Acrobats on Bounce Stilts 7:07

7. Elefunk 5:19

8. Strongmen from Uzbekistan 4:24

9. Big Bounce Bikes from Russia 4:48

10. Liberty Horses and Zebras 4:40

11. Wild Swing Juggling 4:42

12. Negrey Troupe Acrobats 3:24

13. Clown Gagas 3:34

14. Wheels of Steel 4:39

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