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Peter Andre on baby daughter's arrival: 'I'm not exhausted because I'm too excited'

TV personality and singer Peter Andre has revealed that his new baby daughter, who he welcomed with girlfriend Emily MacDonagh a few weeks ago, is now home and starting to call the shots around the house with her crying and constant need for attention.

The 40-year-old father of three confessed that while bringing up a new baby is exhausting, it's the best thing in the world so he is quite content with the disrupted sleep and late nights:

"As you might expect, I'm not getting much sleep at the moment, but oddly, I'm not knackered. I'm just so excited. At the moment, I'm averaging six hours of broken sleep a night. And for me, that's not a lot."

Andre also explained that he originally planned a busy few weeks of work for the new year, but now wants to spend all of his time with his daughter: "Originally, my plan was to work all of January and have February off. But now the baby's here I want to space out my days off so I've got more time at home."

He recently spoke to TV Extra about his impressive physique and admitted that he puts a lot of effort into maintaining his body: "For 40, I'm not in bad nick! There are three types of people. The ones who hate exercising and have to diet, the ones who hate dieting and have to exercise and the ones who don't do anything - well, that's up to them!"



Watch an interview with Andre from last autumn below: