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Peter Andre on calling his new baby Amelia: 'She had a different name, but it didn't feel right'

Singer and TV personality Peter Andre has opened up about his decision to name his new baby daughter Amelia. 

The star welcomed the birth of his first child with fiancée Emily MacDonagh back in January and has now confirmed that the baby girl is called Amelia, but at first she was going to be named Rose. Speaking to New! magazine, he explained:

"Rose was actually my favourite name to begin with. Ems suggested it and when she was born we tried calling her Rose for a few days but every time I said it, it just didn't feel right. Emily then came up with the name Amelia, and I loved it because it sounds like a baby Emily."

Andre then went on to admit that baby Amelia has characteristics of both her parents, but he hopes she inherits his hearty appetite for good food: "They [Emily and Amelia] have the same eyes and mouth. She has my dimples, which I absolutely love, but she does have my nose - poor thing. I really hope Amelia has Ems' brains and looks, but I wouldn't mind her having my cheekiness and appetite for food."




Watch Andre play 'Innuendo Bingo' on Radio 1 below: