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Peter Andre fell asleep on date

Peter Andre has been getting cosy with new girlfriend Elen Rivas, so comfortable in fact that he recently fell asleep on a date. 

The singer and television personality told BANG Showbiz that after filling up on food before watching a movie, he ended up passed out in his chair:

"Elen and I did have a nice date at the cinema last week. We went to TGI Friday's for dinner and then went to see 'Battle: Los Angeles' at the cinema.:

"The film was OK but I ate so many fajitas during dinner that I fell asleep halfway through. Elen didn't seem to mind, though. We both like to pig out on junk food and bought so many sweets before the film started. I'm surprised all that sugar didn't keep me awake really."

The 'Mysterious Girl' star also recently confirmed that he will headline the Good Time Guide stage at this year's GuilFest on Saturday, July 16 and you can watch a recent interview with Andre here: