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Peter Andre's kids can't stand certain songs on his album

Celebrity Father of the Year, Peter Andre, has revealed that his kids are his harshest critics. 

The 'Mysterious Girl' singer is dad to Junior, 6, and Princess Tiaamii, 4, and explained to TV Biz that they let him know "when they don't like something":

"The kids are quick to tell me when they don't like something. There are a couple of songs on the album they won't even listen to. They're my critics. I love it that they have their own ideas."

He also added that he'd like them to wait before deciding on careers in the music or entertainment industries because he was thrown into it at a very young age:

"I want them to be quite a bit older. I got offered a recording contract live on TV at 16 in Australia - and my dad wouldn't let me sign it until I'd left school."

"It's every parent's dream that their child is a doctor or an architect. But kids decide early what they want to do."

Watch Andre's promotional video for his new programme, 'Here To Help', below: