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Peter Andre: "I'm sorry for 'Insania'"

Peter Andre has apologised for his "cringey" hit 'Insania'.

The British-Australian singer is best known for his singles 'Mysterious Girls', 'Flava' and 'Insania'.

Andre has jokingly revealed that he isn't a fan of some of his earlier work.

He quipped to BBC Breakfast: "I sometimes look and I think, I'm just, I'm sorry. Now when I'm writing songs it's all lyrics, we're working with Grammy Award winning writers, I'm focused. 

He added: "Some of the stuff is quite cringey. Mysterious Girl I love - I'll never regret that. It was massive. Stuff like Insania - a few little regrets there. It's hard to get any credibility in music when you're releasing stuff that wasn't so lyrical based and it's too poppy."

Talking about his ninth studio album, Angels & Demons, Andre added: "It may not be as successful as the 'poppy' stuff, but it's certainly what I want to be doing". Watch the video for 'Insania 'here: