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Peter Andre: 'The X Factor has run its course'

Singer and television personality Peter Andre has admitted that he much prefers The Voice to The X Factor because the former seems to cultivate and encourage real talent.

Speaking to Now magazine, the star explained how he feels the concept behind The X Factor is dying a slow and painful death because it rarely fails to produce artists or acts who enjoy true success or longevity:

"With so many amazing singers going before the final, I can't help wondering if the whole X Factor concept is now wearing a bit thin."

"This is the reason why I'm such a big fan of The Voice UK. It celebrates proper singers and rewards talent."

Meanwhile, Andre took to his official Twitter page last night (November 27) and told his followers to email jokes to his brother Andrew for a special project:

"Hi guys. My brother Andrew has decided that he is going to publish a book of 601,206 jokes. Jokes sent in and used will have the persons name registered to that joke. Send jokes to andrewsjokes@ymail.com now and remember to put your name :))" Check out his song 'X' below: