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Pet Shop Boys: 'We've become electronic purists'

Pop duo Pet Shop Boys, comprised of Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe, are gearing up to release their new album 'Super' and sat down for an interview with USA Today where they opened up about the differences and similarities between England and America.

Speaking about the things that separate the countries, Neil Tennant said that the way the U.S. is handling its current political situation means that everyone is watching: "The whole world is following the United States right now."

Tennant then explained that he sees parallels with England and describes that it's now a country where "people have been disillusioned by the banking crisis and the financial collapse. It started in the '80s, when Reagan and Thatcher deregulated the system...It was in the '90s that the money culture really got going, and now it's come to full fruition."

The duo's first single to be taken from the record, entitled 'The Pop Kids', references the early nineties and the era's club scene in London, which Tennant says was inspired by the way it has changed over the years:

"You've made EDM over there (America), really. You've ramped it up and created this club culture that's very different from the European club culture. At the clubs in Britain, you had people dancing with bottles of Evian water ... (In the USA) there was brandy and expensive champagne, and the superstar DJ thing got even bigger. It became a sort glamorous culture, one of conspicuous consumption — and it's become the sound of pop music."

Referring to their new record, Tennant added: "We've become electronic purists. Most of our albums have had orchestras on them, and guitar. This is all electronic, apart from backing vocals."

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