Tonight! Hoxton! Live gig with amazing Zoetrope and Purson

Noise! Chaos! Mayhem! with the hot and wildly acclaimed girl band.. ZOETROPE!

Lottarox Festival at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen. 2-4, Hoxton Square, Shoreditch, N16 6NU. Thursday 28th Feb. 8-11pm. £5.00 advance, £6.00 on door, £4.00 cheap list.
Bands playing are, Purson, Zoetrope, Home
This will be a night of in your face noise, bedlam and senses assault.
Zoetrope, hot Hackney girl band have been causing a buzz and playing a storm recently at the Bull and Gate and Birthdays, to great acclaim.
Here's a sample review

'Crumbs, things are getting noisy in here, and we've only just started. Zoëtrøpe are a grrl-trio who make an energy-rush uproar, all pummelling drums and bug-eyed vocals. How, you ask, can a vocal be bug-eyed? I dunno, but Zoëtrøpe manage it. They're like a deconstructed speedfreak version of Babes In Toyland, all velocity and catharsis. They make a big hammering hubbub, every song a two-minute set-to, like a fight in the street. I bet they'd be scary if you met them in a dark alley. Fortunately, on stage, they are fine.'

February 27, 2013 7:00pm ET by Zoëtrøpe   Comments (0)

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