Emilia Suárez Releases New Single 'Where We Left Off' Straight The Heart

'Where We Left Off' Tells an Emotional Tale of Loneliness, Insecurity, and Heartache


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Earthy folk artist Emilia Suárez released her new single 'Where We Left Off," today (April 7th). In her own words, this new project was an exploration of feelings, and sorting out relentless emotions through musical expression. Within the music, Emilia has fostered a dialogue between her emotions and inner thoughts - ultimately unveiling aching themes of loneliness, uncertainty, restlessness, and unrequited love. The etherial nature of this song transports listeners through the ever-so painful process of replaying moments from an ended relationship in your head over and over again. Emilia describes the track's sentiment as "Lament over a lost relationship that I left on the tip of my tongue for as long as I could," candidly baring her deepest insecurities in and out of love. This single has allowed the artist to be vulnerable and honest about the difficult and confusing emotions one experiences after a breakup, which she hopes can resonate with her listeners while create a sentiment of support. "Where We Left Off" is an ode to all things left unsaid, feelings that felt invalidated and lack of self-confidence, interwoven with a voice of hope for healing and moving forward. Emilia shares this single was created with a different approach than some of her other music, in which she feels a struggle convey her emotions while simultaneously creating a cohesive sound. Referring to "Where We Left Off" and its singularity, Emilia shares that "The choices we made with the double vocal serve to represent an inner self-deprecating singing a duet with a more hopeful one.”

Emilia turns an artistic corner with the release of "Where We Left Off," which she produced with childhood best friend, Logan Smith. The two speak the same language in terms of stylistic choices and taste in music, which has translated into the fluid and delicate overtone this single possesses.


Emilia Suárez is a Bolivian-American singer-songwriter and actor based in Brooklyn, NY. She launched her independent music career in 2021 with the release of her first single, “lil ghost”, followed by “Float” and “Timing” in 2022. Her music has gained over 100,000 streams on Spotify and has been placed on playlists around the world. Her music video "Timing" was just released a few weeks ago on Youtube (click here to view). She can be seen in the recently launched musical-comedy series on Hulu titled,"Up Here." Emilia is also featured on the cast album from Up Here, featuring original music by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez. Emilia has additionally been case alongside Florence Pugh and Morgan Freeman in MGM/Killer Films feature, "A Good Person," which released in theaters a the end of March 2023. Throughout these next couple of exciting months of releases, Emilia can be found at The Old Globe performing in Destiny of Desire by Karen Zacharías.

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