Musical Duo NONĒ SUNSHINE Releases Debut LP 'Insides Out' May 2023

Tech-Veterans Turned Rock and Roll Stars Realize 20+ Years Dream of Pursuing Music.


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Life-long friends turned 90’s alternative rock-inspired musical duo, NONĒ SUNSHINE, are releasing their debut LP, 'Insides Out.' After 20+ years of focusing on family and being separated by distance, corporate America tech veterans, Derek Hyde (Songwriter, guitar, vocals) and Thomas Scott Laird (Songwriter, bass, vocals, guitar) are finally able to reunite and pursue their collective passion for rock and roll.

The 12-song Alternative-Rock LP will feature guitar-forward tracks and layered melodies, highlighting themes related to the meaning of life while simultaneously portraying the essence of nostalgia. With this release (mixed by multi-platinum producer Barrett Jones), NONĒ SUNSHINE strives to cultivate an upbeat sound while heavily focusing on the importance of meaningful and memorable lyrics. The pair's sound is inspired by iconic rock bands such as The Foo Fighters, Our Lady Peace, and Oasis.

Derek and Thomas Scott (TS) made their official debut as NONĒ SUNSHINE last Spring (April 2022), when they performed alongside American rock band, Sponge. After their first live performance as NONĒ SUNSHINE, the pair launched their debut single "S.O.S." Although Derek and TS are geographically split between Denver, CO and Tucson, AZ, the two have worked 20+ years to uphold their kinship and musical connection - ultimately fulfilling their goal of becoming a band. Derek and TS live by the notion, “If you want it, go for it,” and want to show fans that they are a testament to never losing sight of the things you love to do.


NONĒ SUNSHINE is an Alternative Rock band based out of Denver, CO and Tucson, AZ comprised of it’s two primary members Derek Hyde and Thomas Scott (TS) Laird. The band’s music ranges from moody to full-on explosive, continuously providing listeners with a binding ‘hook’ that seamlessly guides upbeat melodies.

NONĒ SUNSHINE is just getting started, but has been decades in the making. After meeting through an online musician’s classified ad 20+ years ago, Derek and TS struck up an immediate friendship. Finding a kinship in songwriting, they soon learned they shared a similar lens in how they viewed the world. Although life ultimately got in the way the first time around, the duo stayed close and continued to write songs for the sheer love of the art and process. With cutting-edge technology that has allowed TS and Derek to collaborate remotely, the two are leveraging new musical technology available to bring the vision of NONE SUNSHINE to fruition. Through the use of Logic Pro X, the Universal Audio suite, Soundbetter, Fiverr, and a vast array of equipment they have amassed over the years, the dynamic duo is positioned to launch their first LP this May 2023.

May 18, 2023 12:54pm ET by PressedFresh Collective  

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