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Austin Brown: The next famous Jackson?

Austin Brown, 24, is the son of the least public of Michael Jackson’s siblings, Rebbie (most famous for her hit 'Centipede').

Now Brown is hitting centre stage himself with the release of his new single 'Target Practice' from his first ever album, '85'.

Brown - who had Michael as unofficial vocal coach and still has Janet as his most trusted confidante after mum - is going all-out to ensure his future success. He takes gymnastics classes (for on-stage backflipping), likes to take a swig of wine to help reach his falsetto on ‘All I Need’ and wants someone like Rihanna to remake 'Centipede'.

“My uncle Michael wrote that song,” he told People. “He and I talked about it years ago and he said it was one of his favourite songs he ever worked on.”

Listen to Austin Brown's 'Target Practice' here: