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Fans loopy over Lupe

Loyal followers of rapper Lupe Fiasco have been on the campaign trail to get his new album release date confirmed and they finally have the news they’ve been waiting for.

Fiasco’s new album ‘Lasers’ (Love Always Shines, Everyone Remember 2 Smile) is due for release on March 8, 2011 after being delayed since December 2009.

This follows an online petition from fans and a planned protest dubbed ‘Fiasco Friday’ which is now going to be a victory march.

When asked for revealing information on the album in the recent interview, Fiasco said, "Mum’s the word". He did say though that the record was "bananas".

Fiasco has also been heard on Kanye West’s most recent weekly Good Friday track ‘Don’t Stop’ which features West and Pharrell Williams as super trio Child Rebel Solidier.

The as-yet-unannounced lead single from ‘Lasers’ will be announced on the rapper’s official website and will be released on October 26.