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Professor Green: 'Everyone's so mean to Justin Bieber'

Professor Green has defended Justin Bieber.

The 20-year-old Canadian has endured a tough couple of years due his behaviour being called into question.

He was arrested in January on charges of DUI and the 'Boyfriend' man also previously lashed out at a photographer in London.

Speaking to Digital Spy, rapper Professor Green said that he feels Bieber's attitude isn't rare for someone his age.

Speaking about collaborations that could have happened on his forthcoming album 'Growing Up In Public', Green said:

"You know, James Arthur was on that record, but then he just kind of imploded, didn't he? It's a shame, when I met him he was a cool guy but he just upset so many people. The label was just like, 'It's not happening', and I can't fight the people who I need to support me. When I met him I thought he was a nice guy, so hopefully he can just bring some of that back and get people to focus on the music and maybe he can too, rather than getting concealed by all the bulls**t.

"He's younger as well, isn't he? I think I was fortunate I came into it at 26 so I was already comfortable in my skin at that time, not to say there haven't been a few moments that I've definitely learnt from.

"Everyone's so mean to [Justin] Bieber. The kid was about 17 with 50 mill in the bank. We all f**k up as kids. I met him in Ibiza, he was fine at [Riccardo Tisci's party]. It's funny because I met Orlando [Bloom] the night before I met [Bieber]. Orlando was having a really good time in Ibiza. I wasn't there [for their altercation], I was there a couple of days afterwards, but I don't know."

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