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Professor Green: 'I hope my song 'Lullaby' raises awareness for depression sufferers'

'Read It All About' hitmaker Professor Green has revealed that he wants to help raise awareness for depression because there's not enough of a spotlight on it and it's something that especially men seem to struggle with opening up about. 

During a new interview with Digital Spy, the rapper explained that cancelling his tour and postponing his album was a tough choice to make, but definitely the right one as he wasn't in the right headspace to deal with that at the time:

"I suffer from depression and I spent a lot of last year in a dark, dark place and it wouldn't have been a good time for me. I think it could've f**ked more up than it could've helped. I think ultimately it was for the best because there were songs that I wouldn't have had. Even between finishing the album and now, so much has happened behind the scenes for the next record, it feels good again man. I know I keep saying it but I'm happy."

He then opened up about the popularity of his song 'Lullaby' and admitted that if he can help people suffering with depression by raising awareness in a song, then he feels that's a good contribution as it's something that is hard to talk about: "It's a big problem for men and women, but the problem that men suffer more is that you already have the pressure of having to be a man."

"Weakness is not a manly quality so you feel like you can't be and that makes it all the harder because when you don't talk to anyone everything stays in here. When you keep your problems to yourself they have the tendency to manifest and become much more serious than it ever was. There's a lot of things that might seem constructive but they're not, like 'Cheer up!' is not constructive. Talking is important so hopefully ['Lullaby'] raises awareness a little bit more and makes people think, 'If I can talk about it in such a public way, they can talk to a friend about it'."

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