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Professor Green on slapping 'fan': 'Since when is someone who hurls repeated abuse at me a fan?'

Professor Green has responded to a video of what appears to show the rapper slapping an audience member at a concert.

The 'Lullaby' star was performing at Durham University's Freshers' Ball recently when he was caught on video seemingly slapping a gig-goer.

He reportedly said to the man: "This is what happens when you call me a c***."

A number of stories soon ensued that said Green had lashed out at a "fan" - something he responded to on Twitter on Sunday (October 5).

He said: "Since when is someone who hurls repeated abuse and tries to slap me a fan? As you were..."

Green then added: "Sometimes I do think the world might be a better place if certain folk fell off their high horse rather than dismounting."

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Watch the video below: