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Professor Green shows support for his gay following, says prejudice is finally leaving rap music

Professor Green has spoken out about the progressing relationship between rap music and homosexuality and explained that he's proud to have a strong gay following. 

The 'Read All About It' hitmaker told Attitude magazine that the stereotypical rap music fan almost doesn't exist anymore and it's great to see more openly gay people attending his concerts as it shows the steady disintegration of prejudice:

"I think it's good because it shows how far we've progressed and how different it is for UK rap music - there isn't that prejudice. At the end of the day, prejudice is taught. It's not something you are born with."

He also added that he regularly receives messages via Twitter from his gay fans and they're often as suggestive as those sent by his straight followers:

"I know from my twitter how many gay fans I have. I've had some really interesting offers, and I've also been told what would be done to me."

"Some of them are polite and say, 'If you were. I would...', which is nicer than, 'If I ever see you, I will...', which would effectively be rape. But I'm sure they mean well."

Watch Green's studio performance of 'Never Be A Right Time' here: