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Professor Green is cautious of his mood swings and emotions

Professor Green has spoken out about his concern over the mood swings he sometimes suffers from. 

The 'I Need You Tonight' superstar, real name Stephen Manderson, explained his family situation to the Daily Mirror newspaper and admitted that the tragic events he has experienced often cause him to think about his own stability:

"He (Manderson's father) was one of three brothers who committed suicide. That's not normal. I just have to be careful of myself. I don't want to know what brought my dad to that place. I am up and down, but I have awareness which I doubt he ever had."

Although therapy hasn't necessarily been the best emotional outlet for the talented rapper, he revealed that songwriting can be incredibly cathartic:

"I tried talking to therapists but it didn't help me. I'm an idiot for that. But when I write things down it helps me make sense of it."




Watch the music video for his very personal single, 'Read All About It', below: