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Professor Green slams lazy music industry: 'You need to do your jobs properly'

Rapper Professor Green has taken to social networking site Twitter (August 7) to blast the money-grabbing tendencies of the music industry.

He posted a series of public messages on the site earlier this afternoon that revealed his opinions on the inner workings of record labels and called for staff to do their jobs properly, writing:

"A live gig = 10% to agent, costs and expenses, 20% management commission then 25% to a label who hardly even come to gigs let alone help. That's the industry, which actually didn't seem that bad when just getting simple things done wasn't a blood from a stone scenario."

"If everyone at EMI is quaking in their shoes about their jobs because of the Universal situ, why not do your jobs properly? Simple solution?"

He then returned to Twitter soon after this initial rant and added: "A lot of artists feel the same but we all just bend over... F*ck that. You can't chat to me about work, I used to pay my band with money I made from club PA's because I wanted to put on a proper show."




"Just to reiterate something for the stupid, my problem isn't that they take that money, it's that there are people not working for it. It is a liberty but piracy forever changed the industry so it's adapting... We need labels, labels need artists. We all need to do our JOBS!"

"There are a lot of people who are amazing at their jobs @ EMI and even more frustrating is the sh*t they have to endure for having an artists best interests at heart."

Watch the new commercial for the energy drink brand Relentless, which features a performance by Professor Green, below: