Ellie Goulding Wakes Up Davos to Climate Change

Location: Arctic Basecamp, Davos, Switzerland

Temperature: 8 degrees Fahrenheit/minus 13 degrees Celsius


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Global music star, UN Environment Global Goodwill Ambassador and WWF Ambassador, Ellie Goulding woke up the World Economic Forum at Davos to climate change this morning. Delivering much needed coffee into reusable rCUPS for a team of world-leading climate scientists who had camped out overnight at Davos, Goulding proclaimed them “heroes” and vowed to amplify their call for climate action.

“I wanted to come here to the Arctic Basecamp at Davos to show respect to the incredible scientific team who camp out in subzero conditions in order to communicate cutting edge climate science on behalf of humanity,” said Ellie Goulding on her morning mission. “We know that what happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay in the Arctic: the loss of sea ice affects us all so it is crucially important they are here at Davos. In particular the melting of Arctic sea ice will make life very difficult for younger generations. I’m here to make sure that action is taken on their behalf and that we remain ambitious for their future.”

Now in its third year, the Arctic Basecamp replicating a real field study camp, has become a crucial stop off for world leaders and policy makers. A team of scientists led by Professor Gail Whiteman, from the UK’s Lancaster University, is stationed there for the entirety of Davos to talk visitors through cutting edge climate science. Camping outside was born from necessity, in order to avoid spending money that could fund research, on expensive hotels.

‘We were absolutely thrilled to have Ellie here at Arctic Basecamp this morning taking such a profound interest in our work.The Arctic is the barometer of global risk – which means that warming in the Arctic has significant effects on the rest of the planet. We are so concerned about this that we have come to Davos to tell world leaders they need to act urgently to reduce CO2 emissions. We are a hardy bunch and used to cold conditions from our work, but minus 13 for five days is challenging. We hope Ellie’s visit does wake up Davos and the wider public to realize the Arctic is fundamental to all of our lives no matter where we live. Next stop, let’s get Ellie in the Artic!’

Following a briefing on the latest climate science, Ellie Goulding joined Christiana Figueres, architect of the Paris Climate Agreement at Basecamp to talk about how to continue to engage young people.

Ellie Goulding described the visit as “unforgettable.” “I knew when I heard about this cluster of tents on the side of the mountain that I had to visit. Scientists here demonstrate the commitment to change that everyone finds inspiring. In them I see real leadership. The hope is that it translates to the world leaders gathered here and they make time to take the funicular up to Basecamp. If I see any [world leaders] I’ll certainly be pointing them in this direction.”

This is the latest in a series of high-profile environmental missions by Ellie Goulding, who became an ambassador for UN Environment in 2017. She recently addressed world leaders at the conference to end the Illegal Trade in Wildlife in London and gave an impassioned speech on climate ambition ahead of the COP24 summit in Poland in December.

About Ellie Goulding

Double Brit-winner and two-time Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter, Ellie Goulding’s career to date has seen sales over 15 million albums, over 105 million singles, and 13 billion streams worldwide. On the heels of her latest hit single, “Close To Me,” a collaboration with Diplo featuring Swae Lee, her new eagerly awaited album will be released in 2019 via Interscope Records. An accomplished classical musician, she is simultaneously working on a classical project.

Ellie Goulding was born in Hereford, England, where she developed a deep affinity for the natural world. She now also uses her voice and reach to represent environmental and social justice issues. In November 2017 Ellie was awarded the United Nation’s New Voices Award by the UN Foundation in recognition of her activism and became a Goodwill Ambassador for UN Environment. She has made it her mission to witness the frontline of climate change and the plastic pandemic, joining expeditions to Greenland and East Africa. By bearing witness, she is able to speak frankly and directly to her fans on the global issues that matter and will shape their future.

About Arctic Basecamp

Arctic Basecamp is a consortium of scientists and experts so concerned about the pace of change in the Arctic they camp out at the WEF Annual Summit in Davos to take the message of global risk to the world’s most powerful audience.

What happens in the Arctic affects the whole planet, it is the barometer of global risk and the message is clear – urgent action is needed now.

Located by the Hotel Schatzalp, Davos, Arctic Basecamp hosts a series of events and private briefings on the science behind Arctic change, and the solutions that leaders and business need to bring.

About rCUPs

Coffee to Basecamp comes in the revolutionary rCUP a no-leak beverage holder made from recovered single use coffee cups.

The rCUP is a design innovation to help combat a growing source of plastic pollution. Of the 200 million tonnes of plastic now produced every year, 40% is for single use plastic items. That alone weighs the same as 120 million small cars or 70 million blue whales. After its short life, most of this valuable material and the energy used to create it are lost, irretrievably to landfill or incineration.

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