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Los Angeles singer/songwriter/producer Mk.gee has released a new mixtape entitled A Museum Of Contradiction via IAMSOUND/Interscope. While the 23-year-old Mk.gee can not be pigeon-holed into any one genre, the 9 tracks that make up the mixtape are all thoroughly eclectic, engaging and authentic.

They feel inviting, yet musically they hit hard. Of the mixtape Mk.gee notes, “I was in between homes last August and sleeping on couches for about 2-3 weeks. On the first day of being in a new spot, I set up my studio and made ‘Western’ start to finish in one session. It was really fucking manic energy. I don’t think I slept that night. Really manic. The next week I made ‘Overtime’ and finished the lyrics the following week in Europe on a train to Amsterdam really hungover. There are 20 revisions of that song in the hard drive, maybe more. It’s my favourite song off the tape.”

Mk.gee collaborated with Vegyn for the track '>;0' and of that he says, “we made like 5 or 6 songs in the span of two days but this stuck with me because it had all the ingredients to be like a classic house/garage song but it turned out so polite sounding. I love polite breakbeats that just float around in tracks, like all of that Chicago jungle/wax doctor breakbeat stuff. I guess that was the inspiration subconsciously, though we made it fast. That’s how I like to do it sometimes. Everything pretty manic, move on, then you return when you feel a little less impulsive. Vegyn threw on chords and I added the break. The rest I don’t remember too well.”


Originally from New Jersey but now based in LA, Mk.gee self-released his debut project Pronounced McGee in May of 2018 and it drew critical acclaim from both sides of the Atlantic. He quickly followed up with the EP Fool and experienced a serious breakthrough when Frank Ocean played “You” on his Beats 1 radio show, blonded RADIO. As 'You' amassed over 4.8 million streams on Spotify, 2019 saw Mk.gee head out on tour with Omar Apollo, sell out multiple hometown headlining shows, and ink his record deal with IAMSOUND/Interscope. He closed out the year with the release of 'Untitled,' his first single for the label.

Born Michael Gordon, Mk.gee first discovered his outside-the-box musicality as a little kid. At age six, he took up classical piano and soon started composing his own pop-leaning but deeply imaginative material.

Raised on everything from yacht rock to Metallica, he got a guitar at age 11 and became obsessed with iconoclast musicians like Jimi Hendrix. Although he played in a band for much of his adolescence, he began self-recording on a four-track recorder his mom had bought him for his 14th birthday. Mk.gee learned the limitless possibilities in working as a solo artist, and fully embraced the free-form creativity that defines his music today as he continues to bring his kaleidoscopic musicality to a groove-heavy, intricately detailed, and endlessly unpredictable sound.

Having recently emerged as one of the youngest artists to take the stage at 2019’s Pitchfork Music Festival Paris, Mk.gee was meant to be spending April and May in a van crisscrossing North America for his first-ever headline tour that included a sold-out show in New York City. Watch this space for more music and news on rescheduled tour dates.

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