Dua Lipa ‘Studio 2054’ Sets Global Livestream Record


Due to phenomenal demand, livestream available for 7 more days on LIVENow


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DUA LIPA entertained the world last week with her online livestream extravaganza
‘Studio 2054’, breaking Online Livestream Records with over 5 million views. Official numbers include over 1.9 million unique log-ins from China, 95,000 from India and 263,264 tickets sold across the regular ticketing platforms meaning that the 5 million views number is both conservative and a not-yet-final number.

Due to phenomenal demand the ‘Studio 2054’ livestream will continue to be available until Sunday December 6th 23.59pm on LIVENow with tickets priced at £7.50 / 8.50 Euro / $10.00 USD.

Ben Mawson from TaP music comments: “I’m exceptionally proud of Dua and the huge team behind this incredible performance. It was really important to Dua to create something that went beyond the bounds of an ordinary live show or stream and she more than achieved this with ‘Studio 2054.’ Audience wise, it was always going to be hard to make solid predictions as live streaming is such a new and evolving market, which makes it so exciting that she has achieved such astonishingly high viewing figures. We are estimating over 5 million viewers based on more than one person watching each stream, but the real number may be closer to 8 or 9 million. I expect a lot of families watched together. It was a massive undertaking but I’m so proud that once again Dua has shown herself to be the one of the biggest pop stars in the world.”

‘Studio 2054’ has already received incredible reviews:

The Telegraph - 5*
“ Dua Lipa’s extravaganza was the best I have seen. The seamless movement combined dynamically with the sleek pulse of her shiny pop grooves, while the joyful choreography around Dua Lipa’s glamorous swagger lent the whole occasion the aura of a classic Hollywood musical. "

Billboard - “Dua Lipa’s “Studio 2054” livestream concert on Friday (Nov. 27) is fit for a king and queen, and in this case, that’s Elton John and Kylie Minogue.”

NME – 4*
“A big night in with a pop great who excels at escapism – For her first livestream concert, Lipa has built an alternative warehouse reality – one where you can still run in a warehouse all night, indulging in excess and ecstasy running from one room to another in search of the perfect soundtrack to your nocturnal adventures. Dubbed Studio 2054 it’s an aesthetic wonderland of neon and glitter and its creator’s performance elevates it from pretty place to pop paradise.”

The Times
"Capping Lipa’s breakthrough year, Studio 2054’s slick, polished production values and effortless poise attested to the singer’s status as a newly crowned star in the pop-royalty firmament. "
"Lipa promised a party and, for a (virtual) hour, she gave us one."

Variety - “A happy dispatch from another galaxy, where dancing and dopamine both still occur, and joy is a thing of the present, not past or future nostalgia.”

Clash - “An all-star pop extravaganza…‘Studio 2054’ was reminiscent of a hugely fun night out, especially for those of us who can’t actually go out at the minute. The performances from Dua were brilliant, her vocals sounded amazing and the cameos from such well loved artists added to the entertainment."

Highsnobiety - “Lipa’s performance is pulling out all of the stops of the traditional concert.”

"Filmed with a nostalgic ’80s-tinged camera filter, it felt like we were watching a movie being made, or vintage “Top of the Pops" "Full of escapist highs – it was a victory lap for Lipa’s second album, ‘Future Nostalgia’".”

Harper’s Bazaar
"From fluorescent hula hoops to roller skates to disco balls and glitter explosions, the Studio 54 warehouse was transformed into an '80s extravaganza.”

RIOT Magazine
"As far as live streams go, it’s safe to say that Dua Lipa and team have not only exceeded expectations but also set the bar for any future live streams from big pop."

The Arts Desk
"Of course it all came together in a glitter-blasting, neon-flashing, doubly-choreographed finale of “Don’t Start Now”, which sounded as great as ever in its live incarnation."

Pete Abbott – Creative Producer at Ceremony: “Throughout 2020, Ceremony have been working closely with Dua Lipa and TaP Music to create new and pandemic compatible ways to promote Dua's ‘Future Nostalgia’ album. The same innovative approach was applied to creating ‘Studio 2054’. Ordinarily a concert performance is designed to be experienced as a brief break in routine, a night out with friends; a visceral experience as much about who you are watching with as who you are watching. Rather than attempt to replicate that experience, we worked closely with Dua to devise a joyful, evolving musical performance film; a celebration of performance and partying. The camera had the best seat in the house, immersing the viewer at home in music, choreography and set design. Working within stringent Covid protocols, Studio 2054 is a showcase for the creativity and adaptability that are a hall mark of the live music production sector.“

Marc Watson, Director of LIVENow: “We are exceptionally proud of what we achieved on Friday night. This was a highly complex and choreographed production and it proved that our music business can operate globally at scale. “Studio 2054” shows that artists can create unique live events, designed to experience at home, that delight their fans and attract major sponsors. This is not easy, but we have proved if you get the creative format and marketing right, there is significant and growing consumer demand around the world for streamed live music events.”

‘Studio 2054’ Creative Team
Creative Direction and Production - Ceremony London
Director - Liz Clare
DoP - Nat Hill
Producer - Kate Sinden
Set Design - Block9
Lighting Design - PixelMappers
Musical Direction - WFB Live
Choreography - Charm LaDonna, Alex Clark
Styling - Lorenzo Posocco

Source Satellite 414

November 30, 2020 4:15pm ET by Satellite 414  


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