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Kimberly Wyatt ate pig’s brains

Former Pussycat Dolls singer Kimberly Wyatt has revealed that she once unknowingly ate pig’s brains.

In a recent interview the star was asked to talk about the strangest thing she had ever eaten, when she admitted it was: “pig’s brains with scrambled eggs. My mom fed it to me when I was a kid and she didn't tell me what it was until after I'd eaten it.”

Kimberly talked more about her diet in the chat with Closer magazine, saying that she particularly loves a range of fruit and vegetables but also relies on chocolate digestive biscuits for a quick sugar fix.

The 31-year-old also opened up about her relationship with former bandmate Nicole Scherzinger earlier this week, saying that she’s offered to reconcile their past differences to no avail.





Watch the video for the Pussycat Dolls' 'When I Grow Up' here: