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Radiohead donate a special guitar to charity auction

Radiohead have donated a guitar signed by each band member to charity for a special auction. 

The instrument was used during the recordings of both 'Amnesiac' and 'Kid A', and now boasts the addition of signatures by every member of the outfit as guitarist Ed O'Brien has given it to the Billie Butterfly Fund. 

The auction of the guitar will help raise money for 4-year-old Billie Bainbridge who is suffering with an inoperable brain tumour and according to the NME "the campaign is raising funds for treatment in Texas that is not available in the UK". 

O'Brien wrote a note of authenticity to accompany the instrument, which reads: "It was bought in the summer of '98, just prior to us going into record the albums which came out as 'Kid A' and 'Amnesiac'. It was pretty much the only guitar I used at that time. It's also been gigged a lot, up to and including the 'In Rainbows' tour."

The current bid stands at an impressive £4,700. Check out a recent interview with the band below: