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Radiohead donate 14 songs to climate change documentary soundtrack

Radiohead have donated 14 songs for use in a new documentary film, 'The Island President'.

The English quintet contributed the songs - including tracks such as 'Kid A', 'Idioteque' and 'How To Disappear Completely - to the film, which centres around the Maldives' struggle with climate change.

The film won the 'Best Documentary' award at the Toronto film festival and will be shown at the Sundance film festival this week.

In a message on the band's official website, Radiohead mainman Thom Yorke said:

"The Island President' is a film about the Maldives, and the struggle of President Nasheed to get the voice of a small nation heard in the climate change debate. Unless something is done to stop rising sea levels they will lose everything. The country will be under water. Some of our music was used to help tell the story. The film won 'Best Documentary' at the Toronto film festival and will be screened this week at the Sundance film festival."




Watch a trailer for 'The Island President' below: