Peter Brown's latest house anthem "Wanna Be In Love" is available on Brook Gee Records


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Get ready to ignite the dance floor with Peter Brown's latest electrifying house anthem, "Wanna Be In Love", released under the esteemed Brook Gee Records label. As a key member of the label's core roster, Brown delivers a pulsating track that encapsulates the essence of summer vibes.

Crafted with precision, "Wanna Be In Love" boasts a captivating blend of elements, including a vibrant bassline that infuses warmth and energy into every beat. Enhancing the groove are sultry saxophone and rhodes phrases that add depth and soul to the composition. Driving the momentum forward is a lively synth arpeggio, injecting the track with an infectious rhythm that beckons listeners to the dance floor.

With its fresh and irresistible sound, "Wanna Be In Love" emerges as the ultimate anthem for the approaching summer season. Whether you're soaking up the sun at a beach party or pulsating in a club, this single promises to elevate the atmosphere and keep the energy soaring all night long. Peter Brown once again proves his prowess in delivering dynamic and captivating house music that resonates with audiences worldwide.



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