Calliope Wren Presents New Single: the Emphatic Rock Bop "Fading"


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Emerging Singer/songwriter Calliope Wren presents “Fading”, now available on Spotify and all the major music services.

Calliope Wren’s latest single, "Fading," is about letting go of control. submission to the universe. The lonely, uncomfortable, blissful journey of oneself.

In "Fading," Calliope captures the profound sense of longing for a sense of home and belonging that sometimes seems to slip away. The lyrics vividly portray the internal struggle of holding onto memories of better times while recognizing the painful reality that those moments are slipping away.
The harrowing rock melody amplifies the emotional intensity of the song, blending powerful vocals with compelling instrumentals. This juxtaposition of raw emotion and rock energy creates a deeply moving listening experience.

"Fading" is a testament to the resilience required to move forward after loss. It speaks to the universal human experience of seeking comfort and stability, and the courageous journey towards finding oneself.

With "Fading," Calliope Wren once again demonstrates her ability to translate deep, personal experiences into relatable and evocative music, solidifying her place as a rising star in the music industry.

“Fading” is the follow up single to Another Stupid Love Song, which came after one of last year’s most anthemic and provocative singles “Her and I”.
Additional past releases include “No Excuses”, “We're Not Really Strangers” and “They Don’t Understand Me”, featuring a guest appearance by Corbin Bronson. Earlier this month, Calliope Wren was also featured on Zig9y (Kyle Ziegler)’s track “These Drugs”.

Recently, Calliope Wren impressed at a well received performance at the legendary The Bitter End on Bleeker Street in NYC and regularly plays at The Spotlight at the Paramount in Huntington.

Catch her LIVE at East Northport St. Anthony’s Fair on June 28th, Jones Beach Bandshell on July 18th, Alive After Five in Patchogue on July 25th, and more get full info at

As is said of the wren, “for such a small bird, it has a remarkably loud voice”, and Calliope Wren has been stretching those powerful pipes with over a decade of performance and stage experience.

Not unlike her ancient ancestral namesake, Calliope is “pure eloquence. Her poetry is epic! The ecstatic harmony of her voice makes her the Chief of all Muses”.

June 21, 2024 2:05pm ET by Rick Eberle Agency  

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