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Robbie Williams to broadcast concert

Superstar Robbie Williams will share his upcoming concert in Tallinn, Estonia with fans around the world by broadcasting it live in over 750 cinemas across Europe.

The 'Candy' hitmaker is set to give people the chance to experience his Take The Crown tour on August 20 as his show will be streamed from theatres and he will also give one location a shout-out from the stage.

In order to win Williams' recognition and a song dedication, followers can campaign on social media sites by using the hashtag '#CrownTheTown' on Twitter or the star's Facebook page. Tickets for the screenings are available either through the singer's official website or directly from participating cinemas.

He recently opened up about his pre-gig ritual and confessed that it takes him around five hours to get ready for each show: "I have a massage, that's an hour and a half. Then I have a shower, shave, make-up. In the flesh I'm not that beautiful, so we need make-up. Then I'll have my hair done, then stretching, it's a five- hour thing."





Watch his show's opening sequence below: