Yamaha Music London Teams Up With Funnel Music for Launch of First Ever High Street Talent Initiative


Yamaha Music London Teams Up With Funnel Music for Launch of First Ever High Street Talent Initiative

YML hosts Funnel Music London Launch and announces joint talent-hunt initiative for 2016


FOR MORE INFO: http://www.yamahamusiclondon.com/article.php?article_id=78


Yamaha Music London and the pioneering UK music incubator, Funnel Music, have joined forces to unveil a ground-breaking music talent initiative for aspiring musicians. Combining YML’s central London location and Funnel Music’s industry expertise, promising music talent will be invited to ‘enter the Funnel’ through a series of live audition nights throughout 2016. Kicking-off with the official launch of Funnel Music at YML’s European flagship store in London on 10 February from 7-9pm, the event will be for industry and media, with a limited number of free tickets offered to the public on a ‘first come’ basis.


A limited number of VIP tickets to the event will be released soon for the public via: www.yamahamusiclondon.com.  


Launched and managed by stalwart industry experts, Funnel Music is a pioneering new way of bringing new talent into the industry.  It will use its rich in-house resources to nurture new artists, enabling them to make world-class recordings at significantly reduced cost for onward assignment, license or label imprint.  The launch of Funnel Music opens up the industry to all, and for the first time ever music becomes a realistic and accessible career path for all deserving talent; providing a low risk, experience rich and most importantly, debt –light/advance-free rise to the top of their music profession. 


5 fresh talented artists are already well established within the Funnel with the first being brought to industry fruition in the Spring.  But with the support of the London-centric, Yamaha Music London store, Funnel Music will offer regular Funnel Live nights where aspiring talent can audition to ‘enter the Funnel’ – live in front of public and the industry.


Currently funded by the Directors, Funnel Music opens its doors to potential investors so that interested stakeholders can buy shares in this exciting company at an early stage.  For more info visit: https://www.investingzone.com/pitch/361/funnel-music-ltd


The brainchild of co-founders* Alex Pilkington, Ric Yerbury, Gavin Thorpe and Charles Grimsdale – all of whom are highly practiced industry experts within their specific music fields – Funnel Music is built on a rock solid foundation of expertise and knowledge and will be managed and run in the same way.  Entrenched within the industry for many years, the Funnel founders are committed to a new way, an educated way – a way that works and delivers success.  This smart integrated approach will enable Funnel to deliver music at a fraction of the traditional cost – with an album costing 80% less** than with a major.


Having personally lived and breathed the music industry for our whole lives, we’ve experienced the pitfalls first-hand.  That’s why we’ve created Funnel Music as a fresh alternative career option in music.  Funnel makes music possible in a previously impossible industry, giving artists a bright debt-light, experience-rich future and with the help of Yamaha Music London we can reach out to as many aspiring musicians as possible,” comments Alex Pilkington, Funnel Music Co-Founder


Funnel Music is a dynamic new and unique solution, which gives hope, promise and a solid debt-free career choice to fresh talent and in partnership with Yamaha Music London that music platform has just been made even more accessible.  An exciting new music industry starts here.


For more information visit: http://www.funnelmusic.com

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