Tackles domestic abuse head-on as his gripping debut single raises awareness and funds for national charity Women’s Aid. Hitting VEVO’s home page alongside Lady Gaga as a ‘most liked’ on day of video release, this track is one to watch.

Warner Newman – a voice with a purpose and the might of music as his sword, releases his official debut single Runaway, which is released on October 28. Supporting the national domestic abuse charity in England, Women’s Aid, Runaway’ delivers a stark poignant message to us all – domestic abuse wrecks lives for generation upon generation….we need to stop it and speak out now.

With an album entitled, The Death of Warner Cornish scheduled for release March 2017, Warner Newman is a voice on a mission and an artist who needs to be heard.

'Runaway’ is a biographical reflection of Warner Newman’s life, a mirror image of Warner’s childhood but through the eyes of a third-person. The man he is today, walks in the shoes of the child he used to be, his cutting words pouring out the heart-wrenching truth of domestic violence through a young boy’s eyes. 

Runaway’ is an urban-pop masterpiece, catchy melodic hooks wrap and weave their way around Warner’s all too truthful lyrics, slicing open a hidden part of life that far too many women are experiencing. A collaboration with Brian Paturalski (Outkast ‘Hey Ya’, Aerosmith, 50 Cent, Britney Spears) and mastered in New York at Sterling Sound studios (Rhianna, Drake, Adele, The Weekend), ‘Runaway’ delivers a clear-cut slice of real life in a melodic nutshell. Easy to listen to melody, hard to swallow message. But that’s what Warner Newman’s about.

Every 9 seconds a woman experiences abuse from her partner in the United States, with a quarter of women world-wide subject to domestic violence – statistics which Warner Newman is all too familiar with. A victim of domestic violence himself, Warner spent his entire childhood fighting for his life, watching his mother abused by her partner, whilst Warner himself constantly dodged the beatings and abuse; with physical scars an outer token of the times he didn’t manage to get away. When his step-father reached for a gun and aimed it at the young teen, Warner fled home, never to return. He’s the one that got away, the one who lived to fight another day and now channels his passion and talent for music to expose the horror behind domestic violence in an attempt to make a change.

An abusive childhood, seeing Warner constantly beaten at home, rubbished at school and victim to two near-death road accidents (the second of which killed him, until a feint pulse was found whilst he was being pronounced dead) meant that Warner Newman lived an isolated, lonely life; no one to talk to, nobody to care for him. Music seemed to be his only solace, the only place where he could feel loved. Banned from watching any TV as a child, an epiphany hit Warner when, at the age of 7-years-old, he found his brother’s VHS and a Queen Live video.  What he saw on the screen was a God in the form of Freddie Mercury, totally in command of others on stage; a complete paradox to the ‘controlled’ life that Warner himself was experiencing. That’s when Warner found his unbreakable connection with music. Music was Warner’s best friend, it spoke to him through the lyrics of the songs and he responded through song-writing of his own. For Warner, music is a two-way relationship, a vessel to pour all emotions. A way of dealing with life.

“Music is my church, my God, my best friend... it made me want to make me try in life.  It was the one thing that made me strong again,” he states.

Channelling his life into the words of ‘Runaway’, Warner dedicates this track to every woman and child who are subject to domestic violence.  Linking with the national domestic abuse charity Women’s Aid and their lifesaving servics for abused women and children, was a no-brainer.  The charity is dedicated to ensuring that all women and children are safe and survivors’ needs are listened to.  ‘Runaway’ aims to bring the issue of domestic violence into the media spotlight as a way of making the much-needed change to stop the violence.

The single ‘Runaway’ is released on October 28 on Lukey Boy Record Via A.W.A.L / Kobalt  


For more information visit: https://www.womensaid.org.uk


For more information on Warner Newman visit:


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