With his new single ‘Runaway’ released this Friday and already garnering big radio interest in the UK and his homeland of New Zealand, Warner Newman reveals how his song came to be the anthem for UK charity, Women’s Aid.

Tell us about Warner Newman ‘the man’ in a nutshell

I am human being, who loves writing music, creating music, sharing music, listening to music.

I also love art, coffee, vinyl, sharing positive energy with people from all walks of life, oh and I REALLY love Music in case I didn’t say that already.


Now tell us about Warner Newman the ‘musician’ – how would you best describe your musical style?

Now I know this is a trick question.  Most people say I am pop mixed with a bit of Rock and shaken with a side of hiphop.  I’m a recording artist that loves the power of a good song and if that’s pop, Rnb, Rock or hiphop - you will find me there!


Your new track is called ‘Runaway’, what’s that about?

As a kid, I always felt unacceptable by society.

Sadly, violence was something I knew all too well, whether it was at home or at school and the only way I knew how to break away from this pain was to surround myself with what I loved.  For me that was music.

I spent a lot my life running, trying to find happiness within myself and I found it in music, music is why I am alive today.

So when I wrote  ‘Runaway’, I wanted it to be about a kid turning into a teen and then an adult, all while fighting for his dream, while blocking out his past. This gave me the idea for ‘Runaway’ and my album ‘The Death of Warner Cornish’.


Tell us about the vocalist on the track.

I wrote ‘Runaway’ with the beautiful Samantha Mckinson.  We put the track together in about 15mins, I then sent it off to L.A to have Grammy winning producer Brian Paturalski work his epic-ness on it.

When it came back it was missing something…that’s when I pulled in the awesome vocals of Delena Higgins.

I played her the track and she nailed it! I was so blown away that it felt right to have her on the track.


We’ve heard the dance version on Kiss FM – how’s that going down in clubs?

The remix was done by Freejak.

Freejak put a new spin on the record, he did such a great job of the remix, my team felt it had to go to radio.

Hearing your track on one of the UK’S biggest radio stations, up there with some of the biggest names in the music industry, then to hear not only is it being played on the radio, but also in the club’s wow, as an independent artist / label owner this was an amazing moment for me.


You’re from New Zealand, how is your new track being received in your homeland?

I am from NZ, but I like to think I found my feet in the UK

Just like the UK, my motherland has been nothing but supportive towards ‘Runaway’.

It has been received well, by both the press and radio over there and here.

New Zealand music is in a good place right now.  We have Lorde, who absolutely blew the doors open in the music industry, she is a great role model both on stage and off, so to have your music supported by the home land that gave the world Lorde, is overwhelming.


You’ve hooked up with the UK charity Women’s Aid, how did that happen and what are you doing with them?

Music is a powerful voice that speaks to the soul, it has the power to inspire and influence change.  When  I started to learn just how bad domestic violence is in both the UK and NZ I felt that someone and something must bring this evil problem to light.

I started to read about the amazing work Woman’s Aid does for people in this dark situation and felt I could do my bit to help with my art.

So, to work with Woman’s Aid only felt right to me.


Would you say that pop music is a good way of getting a hard message out to the masses?

101%. Music speaks many language and is understood by everyone around the world, if I can just inspire one person to change their life for the better, then my job is done J.


Are there any tours planned in the near future?  Beyond releasing music, how else can your audiences touch base with you?

Oh, yes there is!!!

2017 is going to an amazing year, I plan on seeing many countries and sharing my art with the world.  First up is the UK, US and New Zealand.

www.warnernewman.com is the best place to find me and if you can’t find me there, then you can find me in the studio creating art or at my local café drinking all the caffeine I can get my hands on!


You have a new album planned – can you tell us more about that yet?

I can’t say a lot right now .

But I can tell you it’s called ‘The death of Warner Cornish’.  It’s been produced in London, LA and NYC and will feature a few familiar faces.

I promise it will be like nothing you have ever heard or seen before!


Any final messages for our readers from Warner Newman?

Your ideas are not stupid; your dreams are not pointless.

They are possible when you believe, that you are! -WN

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