Sarah McGuinness Launches Christmas TV Ad Campaign

Emmy nominated British film director fuses movies with music as she launches her epic TV ad campaign to celebrate the launch of her debut album and Christmas single

Adding an extra sprinkle of sparkle to her debut album and Christmas single release, UK singer/songwriter Sarah McGuinness today launched her prime-time TV ad campaign as her 90 second epic Christmas ad premiered on ITV alongside Good Morning Britain.

Being an Emmy nominated film producer, director, composer and screenwriter meant that Sarah McGuinness was never going to settle simply with one medium – music and visual must always go hand in hand.  Her past accolades include the documentary ‘Believe’ and multi award-winning ’Noma: Forgiving Apartheid’, the lyrically-told inside stories of Eddie Izzard and Noma Dumezweni, the acclaimed black actress who shot to fame with her portrayal of Hermione in the hit new Harry Potter play.

Now, for Christmas 2017, Sarah McGuinness places herself as the subject matter of her new mini movie as she brings film and music to our TV screens:

“Christmas TV ads have come into a life of their own since John Lewis launched their stunning Bear and Hare ad a few years back.  Now our screens are filled with wondrous epic ads depicting delicious tales of Christmas.  With film at my fingertips for so much of my career, I decided that it was high time that I brought film and music together along with a slice of good old fashioned Christmas cheer; and my new TV ad is the result.  Produced and directed entirely by me, along with my own music being the soundtrack to my mini Christmas epic ad, I invite everyone to step inside my warm, friendly Christmas in Donegal and enjoy Christmas with me."

The debut album ‘Unbroken’ and Christmas single ‘No More Sad Songs (Christmas Every Day) are both available now on Right Track Music.

Oh and don’t forget to join the festive fun of Sarah’s very own advent calendar here

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