International singer/songwriter chats about her juicy new summer dance track and how she got together with Stonebridge

The mighty Stonebridge*, Cutmore** and Manhattan Clique*** flex their remix muscles as they’re enlisted by Norwegian singer/songwriter, K-Syran, to form her remix army with the release of her stonking new dance track, ‘Shake That Booty’released 13 July. K-Syran’s Nordic invasion of global dance-floors continues to build momentum as she hands-picks Swedish giant, Stonebridge and Danish, Manhattan Clique, to grind their genius into her Norwegian vocals; with a dash of UK inspiration from globally-renowned, Cutmore.  Now K-Syran chats to PP about all things ‘Booty’….

1. Your new summer song ‘Shake That Booty’ is great fun, where did the idea for this come from?

I was in the studio writing and feeling super cheerful and happy. I’ve had my dream come true happening to me this year being playlisted on UK’s national radio stations. And as the dogs do, when I’m happy I start shaking that booty! So the melody and lyrics just came to me. 

I love writing, writing time in the studio is actually my favourite creative time , and as an artist I need to express myself, through writing, performing, singing, acting, directing,pottery, painting.  I’ve written diaries from the age of seven so you can imagine how many I’ve got!

One day I will do something with them!

2. Very cheeky peach on the front cover artwork, would you call yourself an emoji girl?

Yes actually I am! Never thought of that!  I use this emoji all the time to portray myself 

Emojis are a great tool to express yourself!  I’ve even made my remix music video of my single ‘Hello’ portraying myself being my own emoji https://youtu.be/GRDv_-emvMs

Through emojis you easily reach everyone, and you communicate on a level that everyone can relate to.

Doing music , art , cinema, writing, theatre, photography is pointless if you’re not communicating and I believe emojis are a great tool!

3. WOW – the mighty Stonebridge remixed this, how did that come about?

There must be something in the air with all these Scandis conquering the music, television world . My last album DIZZY was produced by talented Manhattan Clique, and Philip Larsen is half Danish, we have a super strong connection. We hit it off straight  away! Stonebridge is Swedish and I feel the same strong bond with him, there is something about us Scandinavians. Everything in life is about chemistry and of course with Viking blood running through our veins, it’s destined to be something powerful. Creativity is energy, so the energy must be right. And of course timing!

4. How successful has ‘Shake That Booty’ been so far?

People seem to really like it! It’s got a very feel good summery vibe to it, which is perfect now in this hot and beautiful weather.

The video seems to work as well, got lots of great comments from people saying shopping has never been so fun since seeing my video clip. Girlfriends even said they’ve started dressing up to go grocery shopping which is hilarious. Shake that booty gives a good message, as the Norwegian saying goes; you only have as much fun as you make.  Your daily routine should be fun.

5. Can we expect to see you performing in Ibiza this year?

Yes I’m invited to perform for Hilary Clinton’s Women’s organisation the 15 September, so couldn’t say no to that. I’m passionate when it comes to fighting for women. My first acting role after drama school , RADA & Guildhall School of Music& Drama was with Sphinx Theatre company and I was lucky to continue to work with them. Sue Parrish is one amazing female director who’s done amazing work for women I adore her! I believe she influenced me to take that direction as an actress, writer and performer. 

I was the first to produce The Vagina Monologues in Geneva for charity. There is a wonderful organisation called Solidarite Femmes who helps battered  women in Geneva . Everyone thinks of Switzerland as a safe haven, but they are still struggling with domestic violence. Nicole Kidman came to Geneva for work and visited them, they do amazing work! 

Also I’m a huge fan of Ibsen and Chekhov and being Norwegian I had to do something with Ibsen’s female heroines, his vision was so advanced ,so I wrote monologues of Hedda/Nora and Ellida. 

Then Human Rights Watch asked me to write a play for them, so with Suzan Craig who is very active in the organisation, we wrote the play; Breaking The Silence. With “Braking The Silence “ we’ve had a wonderful journey that I’m hoping will continue forever. 

Through my music I can also continue my women work and a few years ago my song “Intimacy” got nominated  the anthem for women’s day, 8th of March by UN in the UK.

6. Where will you be shaking your booty this summer?

In Ischia with all my bootiful girlfriends. Also, going to Florida so will be singing and shaking my booty lots in Miami!

7. What other things are you up to at the moment?

I’m working on a very exciting feature film! It is my dream part and such a treat to play such a classical meaty part! I feel so very blessed to be able to work with my passions and dreams. One should never stop dreaming in life!

8. We’ve seen that your track ‘Dizzy’ from last year is having a resurgence?  Tell us about that

As producer Eric Alexandrakis says a good song never dies! This week I’m #49 on Billboard Dance Chart which feels unbelievably incredible !!! Makes me feel completely DIZZY!

9. What’s next for K-Syran, would be great to see another album?

There is one in the pipeline with my amazing musicians!

10. Any final messages to readers?

Never stop dreaming 

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