UK Band Anomic Soul Announce Debut Single and Album

With a sound that’s generation-busting, Nottingham based band announce release of their debut single and album


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With a sound that’s generation-busting, Nottingham based band announce release of their debut single and album

Bursting the lid off Nottingham, with a sound that’s explosively ground-breaking, Anomic Soul release their debut single ‘Machine’ on 24 August, simultaneously running alongside their debut album ‘AS1’ (out on the same day). A brain-busting sound-invasion of electronic rock / dark- wave, ‘Machine’ and ‘AS1’ deliver the melodic epitome of chaos and disorder; a frenzy-fuelled disarray of addictive beats that crow-bar your mind to open-up and think differently. Anomic Soul have landed – and they take no prisoners!

Defying convention and bucking the trend of today’s melodic-based, lyric-led songs, ‘Machine’ flips the switch, sending sound into super-sonic electronic overdrive. Strongly Bowie-eque, fused with a generous serving of the once pioneering, The Prodigy, Anomic Soul shatter all musical dimensions as they ignite bass-bins with a chaos of electronic mania. Super-charged and ferociously frantic ‘Machine’ is quite literally musical dynamite from a debut UK indie band. A massive bass-driven charged tale of love, power and destruction - this hyper drama plays out like a bad trip! Featuring Actual Size & Cathy Morphew on vocals, Machine’s frenetic-paced battle rap exchange is not for the faint hearted. Making colourful reference to the B movie era & Japanese Toho cinema, Anomic Soul pull a bullion-fisted punch to a fictitious reality!

Adidas clad and ready for action, the video stars Emma Cain, a dancer Jamie met at a party, who instantly blew him away with her dynamism and energy – a must-have ingredient to top-off the power and vigour of this song. Shot in Jamie’s living room, the video highlights the opportunities opening up to emerging indie talent as a result of the internet age.

Unnervingly raw and quivering on the precipice of eruption, Anomic Soul hail from the creative melting pot of Nottingham. A trio of musical master-minds, whose chemistry fuses to create one of the most cutting edge sounds of a generation. A self-taught multi-instrumentalist, producer and writer, Jamie Shrivastava (aka Jamie 80), began writing music at the age of 13. A fortuitous meeting with Six By Seven / Spotlight Kid drummer, Chris Davis, backstage at a gig, ignited an immediate chemistry between the musicians. Jamie had also worked for a long time with EDM producer Jonny Neal (aka Mr.5) and the trio came together as a fused unit – Anomic Soul was born. Live gigs quickly followed, which saw the band’s fan-base rapidly snowballing.

Jamie explains about the band and their sound “ ‘Anomic’ means a state or person with no social normality or value. The continuing theme throughout the album is that everyone is more of a solitary unit, unaware of the overall picture of society around them. Anomic Soul takes a very different slant on soul, our sound is soul without order.”

The album cover doesn’t pull any punches either. You can reliably judge this book by its cover; the visual punch is a potent as its hard-hitting contents. Off the wall and confident enough to make a visual statement, the artwork delivers the strength and beauty of all things natural….prompting us to question why we feel ashamed? If it shocks you, then you need a slice of the Anomic Soul mindset!

Flip the switch and kick the machine into action – Anomic Soul have arrived and they mean serious business!

The debut single ‘Machine’ and debut album ‘AS1’ are released simultaneously on 24 August

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