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Riding the wave from a jaw-dropping 500 million streams of her last track, which featured on a TV show in China, UK singer/songwriter, Emma Stevens, talks about her collaboration with Kevin Jeremiah of The Feeling for the release of her new single ‘Because It’s You’, alongside a new mini-album and the announcement of a string of headline UK tour dates

The Emma Stevens vocal sound is very distinctive, how did you nurture that?

I have always loved layering vocals. Vocal arrangements are something I spend a lot of time on in the studio, coming up with interweaving parts.

When did you first realise that music was the path that you wanted to take?
I was probably about seven! When I started learning cello and piano classically.

You have a defined pop/folk style, this is a growing genre, how have you seen it change over the past few years?
I think music is always changing, as technology develops, so do soundscapes

You recently had a track on TV in China, which has resulted in over 500 Million streams, how did that come about?
My song was used on a tv show in China which went out to 75 million people!

You’ve just come back from a live tour of China, what was that like?
It was amazing. I got to working with a fantastic guitar company over there called Kepma who sponsored the tour. It was a brilliant experience and so fantastic to meet all the new fans.

Your new single ‘Because It’s You’ is a duet with Kevin Jeremiah from The Feeling, how did that collaboration come about?
We met at Carfest and I asked whether he would ever consider collaborating. Lucky for me he was up for it!

What can fans expect from your new mini-album, Atoms?
Positivity, hope, Love and a shimmering mix of folk pop and county.

You’ve just kicked off a new UK tour, how’s that going?
So well!! I just adore touring!

You’re involved with a charity which sings lullabies to new born babies, how did that come about?
I was asked by the lady that works for the charity whether I would like to be a part of the new form of therapeutic music they were trying. If my music can help anyone some how I will always say yes. It’s been such a rewarding thing to do.

What’s next for Emma Stevens?
More music!

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