The Galaxy Thief Interview

Their music has featured on This Morning and they’ve wowed audiences on the main stage at The British Grand Prix and at Bestival…now here’s the big interview with rapidly emerging UK indie/pop band - Galaxy Thief

Who are Galaxy Thief?

We’re Jamie, George, Jake and Ben from the South coast of the UK a.k.a Galaxy Thief.  We’re a fresh indie pop/rock outfit and we make it our mission to blow the minds of everyone who sees us perform – Jamie.

Can you give a short introduction to each band member?

Jamie Eldridge - lead singer, explosive frontman, Brendon Urie wannabe.

George Bowerman - lead guitarist, liquid licks and righteous riffs

Jake Trim - bassist, brings fresh vibes, slappa de bass

Ben Watton - drummer, thunderous rhythms and dirty grooves

Where did you get your name from?

I went to work one day and mistakenly left my Galaxy bar on the table in the band house, just before we had released any music or chosen a name. Jamie decided it would be a good idea to eat the whole thing (and he didn’t even buy me a replacement – criminal!). Safe to say, I lost it when I got back (come on, it was my Galaxy bar) and from there Jamie was branded the Galaxy Thief and the name was born -Ben

Can you describe your ‘sound’?

It’s like The Kooks, Panic! at The Disco, The 1975 and Queen had a freaky illegitimate child - Jake

Your track has been on Good Morning Britain, how did that come about?

We sent our track ‘Money!’ into the show in December 2017, as we thought it would definitely fit their fashion segment. In August 2018, we heard back saying they loved the track and would love to use it when they have the right clip for it! Then the day before it aired on This Morning in November, they messaged us saying we were gonna be on the show and we went crazy! Phillip Schofield saying our name will never get old to us. -George

What can fans expect from the Galaxy Thief ‘live’ experience?

Come see us play and you’ll get a high energy, body pumping, heartfelt performance with sounds capturing the quality of our recorded material with the dangerous GT flair. Trust us when we say you’ll never forget it. -George

You’ve launched a nationwide search to find girls called Lucia all over the UK, what’s that about?

We’re basically looking for a new cover girl for an updated single artwork to publicise globally! We wanted to get our fans and followers involved, so thought there was no better way than running this campaign. If your name is Lucia, we are looking for you! - Jake

What are your plans for the rest of 2019?

Gig, write and sleepless nights (writing songs).

We wanna get even more involved in the active music scene across the UK and also locally. We’re playing a bunch of festivals this summer, but hope to play loads throughout the remainder of the year. We’re also super keen to play some support slots with some of our favourite up and coming and established bands! Thats the dream! - Ben

When’s the next single out?  Is there any plan for an album?

We don’t have an official release date yet, but the tune is recorded and all good to go, when we have found the best time. It’s sounding amazing and we can’t wait to show everyone how our sound is developing! As it stands, we have probably written over 70 songs and we spend so long making sure the songs we release are the best of us but, we are definitely near having an album of tracks that we would love to put out into the stratosphere -Jamie

Final message for readers?

If you haven’t delved into the depths of Galaxy Thief yet, jump on the ever-growing band wagon and join us for the ride. Check out all of our tunes on Spotify/iTunes and follow us on social media. Lucia is out now and available to the world so get yo’ stream on.

Thanks for reading team, stay frosty.

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