LA symphonic/metal band, The Longing, announce a string of iconic covers across the summer, culminating in an epic cover-album later this year – kicking off with the surreal and indulgent James Bond theme ‘No Time To Die’


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As the world rides the storm of the global pandemic, LA symphonic/metal band, *The Longing, fight these isolating times, with a regular injection of melodic joy, as they announce a string of iconic cover versions, each re-worked with The Longing’s special treatment. Kicking off with the poignant 2020 James Bond theme, ‘No Time To Die’, the band aim to bring us back to moments and memories of a time pre-COVID 19. As the world sat poised for the new Bond movie to hit in April, ‘No Time To Die’, went into shielding until November, but The Longing felt that was too long to wait – so the Billie Eilish original is the first iconic track to be sprinkled with The Longing’s symphonic/metal magic.

Scooping the track up into their rocky symphonic arms, The Longing, deliver a dynamic up-tempo version of the Eilish original. With their trademark dramatic riffs and epic story-telling ability, ‘No Time To Die’, was a natural choice for these electronic-symphonic veterans, as they skilfully maintain the delicate gentleness of Eilish, staying true to the dramatic intention of a Bond theme; whilst enhancing the overall performance with the compelling energy of their genre. Inter-woven throughout with the crystalline vocals of the outstanding founding member and lead vocalist, Laura Bradley, this new version of ‘No Time To Die’ defies anyone not to feel those enigmatic spine tingles.

“ As soon as, ‘No Time To Die’ was released, we knew absolutely that it was the one for us,” comments Bradley, “So many of The Longing original songs speak to themes of betrayal, heartache and the rallying cry to survive, so this song was a perfect match for us."

As we journey through these strange times, chisel out a moment of light relief by diving into your secret agent alter-ego, and enjoy the thrilling drama of ‘No Time To Die’.

The single, ‘No Time To Die’ is released 24 July on Filthy Princess Records with
a tempting album of poignant covers planned for later 2020


*Founded by LA based musician/singer/composer, Laura Bradley, The Longing are a 4-piece band who transcend over-simplistic genre categorisation, as they hover gloriously over the void between raw progressive metal and rock. Bradley has the ability to harness the power of her trademark angelic vocals, unleashing her voice with the spectral force of an emotional whiplash – that’s what instantly brings audiences to a standstill. Fuse this with Bradley’s impeccable poetic lyrics and compositional style and you begin to experience the energy igniting the ever-snowballing fanbase of The Longing.

With previous singles scooping countless radio airplay in the UK and 18 countries worldwide, plus UK Record of the Week, as well as numerous TV and movie slots including MTV, The Cannes Film Festival, a score for William Shakespeare’s The Tempest and a track from their current album chosen as the anthem for International Women’s Day 2017; The Longing’s vibrant talent transcends beyond prog/rock, tempting its haunting way into the mainstream.

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