Iconic chart legends dive into the vaults to breath fresh life into a past track that bears poignance in these pandemic times


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Chart legends, The RAH Band, unleash a poignant melodic-message from their vaults, as they re-make and release ‘Vapour Trails’ on 7 May. Featuring the captivating vocals of British songstress, Funmilayo, ‘Vapour Trails’ was first recorded over 5-years ago. But reflecting on the past pandemic year, band founder, Richard Hewson, recognised the resonance of the lyrics in today’s COVID times, and an official release of a refreshed reworking of the song was undisputed.

Hewson formed a collaboration with UK singer, Funmilayo, a few years back, after hearing her vocals and seeing an instant connection with his vibrant, musical production. ‘Vapour Trails’ is a very British sounding song, with a melody and lyrics that people connect with straight away, as the words resonate in these pandemic times. Macy Gray-esque distinctive vocals wind and twist their way gorgeously around the RAH band beats and melodies, in this refreshed version of ‘Vapour Trails’.

“It’s a story of celebration” says Funmilayo, “It’s a metaphoric gasp of fresh beautiful air, like everyone coming out Noah’s Ark after the flood. For all the people we’ve lost during these strange times, ‘Vapour Trails’ is a celebration of their lives. It’s like the people you’ve lost who have left their footprints in the sand, it’s a celebration of them.”

“It feels as if I wrote that song back then, as a message for today,” comments Hewson. “It’s more relevant now than it could ever have been when I first wrote it. I knew that I had to refresh and release this track after the pandemic year that we’ve all endured.”

With two Top 10 UK chart hits, and numerous international club smashes, plus a stellar production list including The Beatles, The Bee Gees, Fleetwood Mac, Chris Rea and Herbie Hancock (to name a few), The Rah Band have been chart-masters within the industry since the ‘70s. Housing a back-catalogue of unreleased material, those undiscovered music jewels are being polished and primed, with the brightest shining gems are being hand-picked personally by Hewson for re-release. ‘Vapour Trails’ has a voice and a message for these strange times. A vibe to bring joy to us all, even in those dark isolating moments.

The single ‘Vapour Trails’ by The Rah Band is released on 7 May on Right Track/Universal.

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