Evolving a fresh generation of indie-BritPop, 30 years on from its conception, Lapels unleash their debut follow-up single, as media critics see these boys as being at the ‘forefront of the movement’ of new BritPop…..

‘A touch of Oasis mixed into something that is purely Lapels.’ The Other Side

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They bounded onto the global music scene this summer with a bold Brit/indie sound, highly reminiscent of those BritPop bands of 30 years ago. Now, with a bucket-load of critical media acclaim to cement them as the fresh generation of indie/BritPop, Lapels* ramp-up the vibe to the next level with the release of their follow-up single, ‘All Things Down To You’, out 12 November; this time with joint front-man, Andy, stepping-up on lead vocals, showcasing that both he and Nathan have duel song-writing and vocal talent.

With media instantly comparing Lapels to mighty icons such as Oasis and The Verve, fan support is rapidly snowballing, as the emerging need for a young, new guitar-based band becomes increasingly evident. The band’s debut single, ‘Warning Lights’ stopped the boys in their tracks, as comparisons to the Gallagher brothers flew from all directions, ‘Their latest track ‘Warning Lights’ is like a bonus track from Oasis’ ‘What’s The Story (Morning Glory)…’ Nathan sounds like the third of the Gallaghers’ – The debut was given a low-level roll-out by the label, void of huge promo campaigns or even a video; and yet it catapulted these four ordinary boys from the East Midlands from obscurity, to being seen as the forefront pioneers of a returning BritPop movement.

But audiences ain’t heard nothing yet. Their debut, ‘Warning Lights’ was simply a taster, a careful toe-dipping in the musical waters. Prepare for the indie vide to ramp up another gear, as Andy takes on lead vocals with ‘All Things Down To You’ delivering a stronger, grittier, more mature edge in this track, which depicts the momentum and drive needed to achieve your dreams (it all boils down to you to get it done, is the clear message from Lapels). The first new, young band signed to the iconic Marquee Records (a brand renowned for nurturing and launching new talent), Lapels look set to make an indelible mark.

The new single, ‘All Things Down To you’ is released on Marquee Records on 12 November


*Lapels: Nathan, Andy, Will and Adam who together form Lapels; a 4-piece band of singer/songwriter/musicians from the East Midlands. Nathan & Andy are a dynamic songwriting duo, and both alternating front- men of Lapels; whose honest, no-fuss take on indie/pop, is fast becoming likened to a Blur/Oasis-esque evolution of those early days of mid-90s Britpop. Lyrically depicting everyday mundane ‘stuff’, Lapel’s candid approach to British guitar based music, resonates with audiences for its relevance and honesty. The band formed when Nathan and Andy sparked off a singer/songwriter chemistry at college in Nottingham. Pulling in band mates Will and Adam, the boys began gigging across the East Midlands and quickly had to find a band name to go onto a gig flyer; because they were all wearing jackets at the time, ‘lapels’ was the first word that connected them all. Lapels were born.

Whilst playing at a live gig in the East Midlands, the boys had a fortuitous meeting with, Colin Peter, the CEO of the newly formed, Marquee Records. Well known for nurturing burgeoning British talent, the iconic, Marquee Records, was formed as an evolution of its original club brand, stepping into the 21 Century to nurture and support the cream of breakthrough artists. With their honest, no nonsense lyrics and endearing on-stage charisma, Lapels were the perfect fit for Marquee Records. Deal signed and an album’s worth of original new material in the bag, 2021 is ready to meet the boys

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