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Sarah Harding teases her solo album: 'It's gritty and much rockier'

Songstress Sarah Harding is due to unleash her debut solo effort 'Threads' on August 7 and she has opened up about the music that she worked on for her first full-length solo record. 

During an interview with the Daily Star newspaper, the beauty confessed that her new material is "gritty" as she wanted to show off every side to her personality instead of just embracing the commercial, poppier sound that she has been known for as a former member of Girls Aloud:

"The sound is different to Girls Aloud. Much rockier. My first single is quite gritty. There will be pop on the album, too, though. I'm just showing different sides to my personality. Finally I have a solo album. It's been a while coming."

"I have so much material that I've been accumulating over the past few years, so much I want to say. It's great to finally have an outlet for my experiences, both good and bad."

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