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Sarah Harding turning Coronation St criticism into 'positive energy'

Sarah Harding insists she isn't too fussed about criticism she received for her guest role in Coronation Street.

The singer recently played the part of Joni Preston, who is the wife of chef Robert, in the British soap.

However, she came under fire from the public for her apparently bad acting.

Speaking to This Morning, the Brit said that she is trying to turn the criticism into something positive.

Harding said: "I try not to pay any attention to that. If you're going in as a known face, you're always going to get flak. If anything, I turn all that into a positive energy. It just makes me more determined. 

"I enjoyed it - it's off my bucket list now. I've done films before, but I've never done soaps before. I was only ever asked to do four episodes and I had the time to do it while I was waiting for my track to be finished. 

"I thought, 'Why not? It's my favourite soap'. It made me happy anyway, never mind what anyone else thought! Everyone's going to have an opinion at the end of the day."

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