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The Saturdays' Mollie teased by her boyfriend

The Saturdays' blonde bombshell, Mollie King, has explained that her boyfriend often mocks her because of her size. 

Speaking to Fabulous magazine, the 'Issues' singer revealed that her model beau, David Gandy, is used to being around people in the fashion industry so finds her to be a little on the short side:

"He takes the mickey out of me all the time and how tiny I am. He's used to working with model girls who are all 5ft 10in so he's always like, 'Aww, you're so cute with your massive heels."

"He's really funny. He made me laugh straightaway. He doesn't take himself too seriously, I wouldn't like it if he was a poser."

She added that because of his job she's never seen him looking dishevelled or less than gorgeous:

"David and I are having a lot of fun. He's just as good looking in the flesh. He's a very good looking guy so I've never seen him looking bad."

"He wouldn't be able to say the same of me I'm sure!"

Watch her talk about The Great British Hairdresser and her differing styles here: