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The Saturdays' Mollie King on body confidence: "I would never get my tummy out onstage"

The Saturdays' blonde bombshell Mollie King has opened up about her fitness regime and body confidence in a new interview with Women's Health.

Along with gracing the cover of the magazine's autumn edition, the 'Higher' hitmaker also spoke about how she maintains her stunning figure and admitted that despite being physically fit she wouldn't feel comfortable exposing her stomach on stage:

"I’m very self conscious in a bikini and I would never get my tummy out onstage. If I were to choose a part of each of The Saturdays' bodies to make up the perfect woman, I would take Una’s eyes, Rochelle’s boobs, Frankie’s tummy and Vanessa’s bum. Then my legs – if we have to!"

"I eat pretty healthily most of the time but I love takeaways, because I can’t cook, and often eat until I feel sick."

Despite confessing to a love of fast food, King added that she doesn't touch alcohol: "I don’t drink and have never been drunk, ever. At some point, I do need to be able to say, 'Oh, I know what that hangover feels like, but I haven’t had one yet'."




Watch behind-the-scenes footage from her recent Fabulous photo shoot here: